Blackberry Bridge: Error: Couldn' connect to server

Blackberry Playbook:
BB Torch V 6.0 Bundle 695 (c6.0.0.246 Plattform
newes BB-Bridge SW
New Mails are shown on the upper left corner (number, letter icon, and drop-down with sender and subject)
When selecting Messages: A browser window comes up saying: Error: Couldn't connect to server
All BB-Bridge Applications (Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, BBM, ) bring up the same error
Brigde-Browser, Bridge-Files do not show any reaction...
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I tried two re-installs, but still same problem. On the home screen I can see that new emails are coming in, but when I try to open email client, calender or any other bridge application, I always receive the Error: Couldn' connect to server message.
Also, it seems that if I want to use Internet on the go via my BlackBerry phone, I now must use my Blackberry as a modem. In the previous release I simply connected via Bluetooth Bridge and was ready to go. 
Can somebody pleae explain why this has changed?