BI Statistics - BI Admin cockpit - queries

Hi Experts,
please do you have practical experiences with concrete queries ( i don't want to use 'BI Administration Cockpit in RSA1 - Administartion) to find out e.g.
     - slowest queries
     - slowest web templates
     - slowest datasources
     - slowest process chains
                - slowest data transfer processes
i suppose some queries with prefix 0TCT_
Thanks in advance


Check the link for such queries which has details for BI Admin Cockpit architecture. It contains the runtimes of various objects (what you require).
For ex.
0TCT_MC21_Q0101 specifies the average number of runtimes of Process Chains
0TCT_MC01_Q0131  for Infoproviders  etc
-Shalabh Jain