BI Content for Point of sales( POS) module in retail

Hi Friends,
Anybody have got the link for Bi content for Point of sales(POS) module in retail industry.
Please post the link and good documents on this.
will assign the points.
Best regards


Dear Srinivas,
I've already run a systemtrace to find out the tables:
The following tables are involved: MPOS, MMPT, MPLA and MHIO, MHIS.
In BI-Content I just find MPOS in the DataSource 0PM_MAINTPOS_ATTR and 0PM_MAINTPOS_TEXT. That is ok for master data.
The other tables I couldn't find in BI-Content.
But maybe the BI-Content does not use these tables. Maybe there is used a view which I don't see in the trace.