Best Compressor 3.5.3 settings for DVD when sequence is 1080 60i -- shot on P-2 -- DVCPO HD 1280x1080 29.97

I tried a few changes in Inspector... Video Format such as - Field Dominance to Bottom First... and Quality to Automatic Bit Rate & Motion Estimation at Best. I think GOP and Extras are set on default ( IBBP, Closed 15 -IBBPBBPBBPBBPBP) & ("Add DVD Studio Pro metadata" checked). When the DVD is played back on 40" HDTV from consumer Blu-ray player... it looks awful. Images seem to have double or shadow images (field shifting or something) and the color and detail on distant images have a block type look. I seem to be a master at making High Definition look like multi-dubbed VHS. Any ideas? Thanks
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Good luck.
BTW, did this movie come from a FCP project?