BDT add fields to standard SAP tabel on BP screen

With this email I would like to report a problem I have with the BDT to show extra fields on a table control in the businesspartner masterdata. I hope you can help me and tell me what I am doing wrong or why I cannot show these new fields.
The SAP Module is FS-CS (Commissions). On the businesspartner there is a tab screen with contractdetails. We want to add two new Z-fields to the table control and we have added these fields to an append structure in the CACS_CTRTBU table. I have put the extra fields to a new fieldgroup and put the fieldgroups on a new view added the view on a new section, defined a new screen and finally added the screen to a new screen sequence. The original screen has now been replaced with the new screen with the extra fields.
In the screenpainter I defined a new screen for the new view by copying the original function group of the original screen together with all functionmodules. I added the new fields of the newly defined fieldgroup to this screen.
I registered the new functionmodules for the events ISSTA, ISDAT and ISDST in customizing for the new defined application.
Within the programme there is a structure used called CACS_S_BUPA1. I have added the 2 new field also to this structure.
If I look in my sourcecode in the PBO then I see that the internal table has stored the values of the new fields together with the values of the original fields.
Still if the screen comes up, the values for the new field are not shown and the old(orignal fields) are shown. The new headers and colomns in the table control for the new fields are visible.
Do you have any idea what the problem might be ?
Kind regards,
Peter Jonker


Thanks for your reply, the tip of the fieldgroup has helped me and my colleague who also had a BDT problem, his problem was that changes on fieldgroup level were not saved. Once he changed to the range 6xx with his fieldgroup the problem was solved.
My problem has been solved too, although I am not sure if it had anything to do with changing the range of the fieldgroups, it probably did.
I had done the whole designing from scratch again, but this time using fieldgroups in the range 6xx. Now it works fine.
Strange thing is that in the SAP Help it says to use fieldgroups in the range 600- 799, while the 7xx range will give you problems. The 900 range, as you suggested, also gave problems. In our case the 6xx range was the right one to use

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