Bdc problem ca02

Hi all,
My first problem here is about bdc, ca02...
could you offer me any bapi or function instead of bdc for ca02?
my problem is when updating routes with ca02 with bdc method, i meet an error that activity type is not appeared on screen
and got the error PLPOD-LAR06 is not available on screen etc but i pasted it from the recording and also program name, numbers etc all from recording, and controlled many many times.



F-28 BDC problem when not debugging

Hello friends, I have developed a BDC for the TCODE F-28 and everything works fine when i do in debug mode. NO problem at all. However when I do a no screen and if I am not debugging, it posts the invoice for one record and from second record on it f

Change transaction using BDC-problem for large number of lines on screen

Hi All, I am developing BAPI (using BDC) which creates quality notification in SAP which is entered via front end web application. Structure p_qmsm contain 3 lines of task in notification. The code is as given below. To avoid problem of large no of l

BDC Problem for FF67

Hi All, I have developed BDC for FF67 transaction , Am having a problem in that , My problem is that the second screen number, where we enter line items, is different in development server and different in production server. In development am having

Hey guys this is a BDC problem ...

Hey guys I have got a requirement where I have to run a BDC which will do force line length in ABAP edotor. I have done the recording for that but somehow it did not work .....many of my colleagues have even tried it but in vain ....If u r a real SAP

Ca01/ ca02 BDC

Hi, I am facing problem in creating bdc for ca02(routing). Can any one help me in this regard.(if possible send me some sort of coad). Best Regards, Mahesh.Hi MAhesh, Go through the code samples,

Problem with BDC- file transfer

I am able to open the file but the Contents of a file are not read.Hi, I think you are looking for BDC Problem, Its wrong forum to dicuss about it. Refer - this could help you How to upload  excel file data set problem bdc Thanks swarupRead other 4 a

How to handle dynamic screens in bdc

HI SIR, i am working on BDC for CA02 in this i have probelm that if operation 10 it doesnot contains any items it showing one  screen and if operation 10 contain some items and its item counter increasing automatically in this case it coming to this

BDC for every 80 records

Dear All, I have one typical BDC problem. If the number of records in file are crossing 80,my bdc is giving problem. So I need to split total records into sets of 80 and submit them. So I need to create the session name dynamically, pass the data dyn

Me41(Ekko entry) BDC loop Problem

Dear Experts. I am creating a BDC for Me41(ekko entry).(4.6C Version) in the item screen I am able to enter 17 records(by default 17 items in the screen).after that I am trying to click on Page down option(P+ in recording) ,then it is not going to th

Problem in BDC forJ1IS

Hi sapgurus,                             i have a problem in time of BDC for J1IS. When BDC running if in J1is screen has more than two items then when i am giving the value in basic ,cess,hcess in more than two items.only one document no is generate

Problem in BDC for MIRO.....................

Hi friends, I am using BDC for MIRO....In screen number 6220 where POs and items are to filled in table control where i need to fill 100 records... When i am using page down option during recording it is capturing function code as /OO .But while runn

Problem with t-code CS01 in BDC

hi expert, i am working on t-code CS01. i need to upload master data. but in this while making BDC i am facing problem in first screen we have to enter 1. material number 2. plant 3. bom usage in second screen i want upload data upto 0150 item number

Problem in BDC for F-02 -- Currency Problem

Dear Experts, I have written a BDC for F-02 to upload the opening balances of vendors. Problem is , this BDC is for Libya country,  where decimal places is 3. Now when i run my BDC, if the amount is  22.54, it will upload it as 22.540, which is ok, b


Hi All,            i have created a bdc which is working well but mine problem is that if some item is not updated by BDC then it should show in my program or save on desktop. thanxHello Mr. Suneel, i am using call by transaction method.plz check the

Problem in BDC for MB1B

Dear Experts , I am doing a BDC for MB1B... In my selection screen I am having, Plant, Vendor No, text and and options to enter 5 different materials and its corresponding qauntity. When the user enter the above details and execute , these details sh

Problem during recording of CJ01 transaction for BDC

Hello All, I am facing a problem during the recording of CJ01(Creation of projects) for creation of BDC program. The problem is during recoding after entering the the first WBS element with level 1 and i press the '+' button to create one more WBS el

Problems using BDC and/or HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION

Hi Gurus. Our team is developing several inbound HR interfaces but in integrated test in QAS env something really strange is happening during the tests. We are using BDC data for data input in infotypes 0000 and 0001 through PA30 and for all the othe

Syntax problem with BDC perform

Dear Friends, small problem in BDC Perform syntax but I am not getting how to do this.. I have writen the code like this in my BDC byt its throughing the error...Here I want to do the validation on each and every field. I mean If that field values ar

Problem in BDC Program

I have a problem while I am doing BDC program for Maintaining Quotation.i.e,I have Header data and Item Data.In Item data it has multiple items.For each item I have to give condition type in the table control(which has already pre-existed condition t