Bbm for nokia symbian belle

while bbm just came out on other devices, is there any app designed for nokia symbian belle


It would be good but you know, Symbian is not under developmen anymore. They are going for newer operating systems like Microsoft Windows phone 8.
Would be good if Symbian gets a final touch of Optimisation and some final bug fix.
Hope for the best.
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Chainafire 3D For Nokia 500 Belle.

Hello, I want Chainafire 3D for Nokia 500 Belle ,because it has no 3D GPU So i can't run many games in this phone.So Is Chainafire 3D is available for Symbian Belle OS or any other same type apps.Please tell me. Solved! Go to Solution.morex wrote: he

Where i can find firefox for nokia symbian device ?

there is any way to use firefox for my symbian S60 or symbian^3 nokia smartphone ?.The article '''mbrubeck '''links to on the "''future''" says: "''We are working to bring Firefox Home to both Blackberry and Symbian platforms in the coming

Programming for Nokia E7 Belle

Hi Everyone I have Nokia E7-00 with Belle os. i have been trying and trying to find what i need to start writting some little apps for e7. i have a very good background in vb, vba, databases and windows mobile. but have no knowledge of programming fo

Swype for Nokia Symbian

If you haven't already grabbed this, get this now ... This makes the X6 touchscreen qwerty keyboard actually usable. I'm already beginning to not miss my E71 anymore. Sanjay Mehta Motorola "Brickphone&

Widgets on Symbian Belle (Nokia N8-00 from Argenti...

With the arrival of the update to Symbian Belle I realized that Nokia forgot to place multiple widgets that were present in the leaked versions of Belle months ago. Some of them are in the following images. Widget mini music player: Belle has a music

Will symbian be released for Nokia N8

Will symbian belle be released for Nokia N8 ?Apparently they had a few of the current Anna devices with the official Belle version on display at Nokia world so I agree with Vaidovesta, it will be soon. I doubt it will come this month; it will be more

Nokia C6-01 cant upgrade to Symbian Belle from Sym...

Pls advise me how to solve this problem cause i cant upgrade my C6-01 to Symbian Belle using Nokia Suite 3.3.89.First check whether Nokia belle is available for your phone's product come and region. Check belle availability page of Nokia Europe's web

Nokia 500 Symbian Belle?

Why has postponed the launch of Symbian Belle nokia 500? So large are the problems that we are still delay? Solved! Go to Solution.Nokia Belle is specifically tailored to each phone model, including the  Nokia 500. Due to technical specifications, No

Making programs for nokia phones which have symbian operating system

hi I want to make program for nokia phones.I wrote a program for pc general application and i want to change it for mobile phones. Please inform me about how to make program for mobile phones step by step? thanks for your replies.frknml If your PC ap

Signng Unsigned Symbian Applications for Nokia

hey im just wondering if anyone knows a way on how to sign unsigned symbian applications for nokia 6220c. I want to sign the unsigned application called iSMS. Can anyone please help. Thanks,52.0.html check t

Nokia belle feature pack 1 update for nokia 603?

would any official from nokia please tell me if nokia 603 will be upgraded from 1ghz to 1.3 ghz like 700 and 701?. Many people owning 603 are asking about this and if no, would you please give us the reason aren't 603, 700 and 701 identical hardware

Flash Lite 2.1 player for Nokia S60 Symbian

On I tried to download the Flash Lite 2.1 player for Nokia S60 Symbian When click on the link it redirects me on a page, and there is nothing to download!? Br JureHi, I have tried to download from link p

ExtGps Symbian Belle Nokia C7 and Windows 7 (64 bi...

ExtGps application on  Symbian Belle Nokia C7 and Windows 7 (64 bit and 32 bit starter). The Serial port service is not discoverable on this device on Windows 7.   I connected OK with USB cable and think the idea is good.  Anyone that have solved thi

Suggestions for 808 PureView and Symbian Belle

Hi friends, I am a proud owner of astounding (and worst marketed extra-ordinary device) 808 PureView. Biggest compliment to it is that it has replaced my SGS2. Yes, truly. After using 808 for some time now I am quite happy but disappointed with certa

Gtalk for nokia 5800 is available now...

Hello friends.... Gtalk for nokia 5800 is available now you can download it from following link.... Enjoy Thanks  SRKSo I was browsing Talkonaut's site and I  saw this note about the SIP portion: "How-To: Defin

Torrent on Symbian Belle.

How to download any torrent on Symbian Belle? I got SymTorrent but when I add torrent file the application is crash. Help me I need torrent on my phone. Nokia [email protected] Presumably you are using version for Symbian S^3 updated here:http://amorg.aut.b

E6 with Symbian Belle?

Hi there! I'm planning on replacing my old E5-00 with a new, i know that the phone comes with Symbian Anna but i am getting conflicting reports/messages as regards software updates. I have read from well-known internet site that Nokia will upd

Nokia N8 Belle Alarm Clock Issue

I was finally able to update my N8 to Nokia Belle a week ago and was reasonably impressed with it's attempt at an Android Froyo kind of thing, it is a step in the right direction. However- I set a several alarms for between 6:45 and 10am today (I'm a

Nokia C7 - Belle update problem - connection to th...

Dears, I have Nokia C7 with following details: - release: symbian anna - sw ver: 024.001 - product code: 059B7W7 RM-675 browser: 7.3 flash: 4 java: 2.2  while connecting it to nokia suite 3.6.36 to update to symbian belle i get msg connection to phon