BAPI_ROUTING_PROCESS - change routing details -Reg

I want to update the routing details through the transaction ca02. we have a function module <b>sapmp/bapi_routing_process</b>.but when we tried to execute FM,  it was throwing following syntax error:
The following syntax error occured in program /SAPM/SAPLCPCC_BUS1012 " in include '/SAPM/LCPCC_BUS1012U04' in line 72
"The data object "LS_OPR_IF" does not have a component called "SAPMP/MET_LRCH"
wats the solution for the above problem,!!!??
Have anyone used this BAPI? If so wat are the inputs to be givento get the output for this BAPI FM?
kindly help


May be you have to search for note.
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