Bad syntax in TC string error

I keep getting this message whenever I add the scc file to the project and then try to simulate it or burn it. The file is fine, it works in DVDSP without issue. But I'd rather not rebuild the project in another application. I really don't know what else to do. This is not a BluRay project it's a Standard definition DVD project.
OSX 10.75
Encore CS6


Yeah that's totally possible that it is the file but I guess it's a moot point. Encore is still my go to for most projects. I love how intuitive it is to use and how seamless it is with Photoshop. The issues are often hard to troubleshoot and sometimes really weird which makes me cringe if the job is complex. I may throw the scc file into an earlier version as well as try it on a PC and post back here if it works.

SIT (nidll) Unterminated String Error

Good day, I'm trying to build a model DLL in Simulink using NI SIT 4.0. The model builds using GRT and ERT (no auto config) fine (warnings galore but they are expected - unconnected inputs/outputs). When trying to build using nidll.tlc (either just a

BADI - ME_PROCESS_REQ_CUST- G/L Accounts Error Message

Hi guys, I have a problem regarding autodeterminating G/L Accounts. I used BADI ME_PROCESS_REQ_CUST with Method: PROCESS_ACCOUNT. For setting the G/L Account I used:             ls_accounting-sakto  = ls_ctrlacc_b-sakto.             ls_accountingx-sa

Screen Shot Error - Unable to create type string error

I had this message after I tried to change via Terminal the .png standard file capture into .jpeg format. Does anyone has any solution that will reset and make it work again? " The attempt to take a screen capture has failed. The error is: 'Unable to

Bad argument #1 to "ipairs" error

Hi, I use LR 2.1 on a Mac X 10.5.5. I've been getting this error message: an internal error has occured, bad argument #1 to 'ipairs' (table expected, got userdata) when I try to use the create slideshows button in the Collections Panel in the Slidesh

JCo3Proxy.logonSapi(String) Error during Initial Load of BW HANA Repository

I am attempting to create a connection to a BH HANA system and get the following error: Error occurred in JCo3Proxy.logonSapi(String): (102) JCO_ERROR_COMMUNICATION: Initialization of destination BWHANA failed The repos

Need the user exit/BADI name to display the error msg in PO for net price

Hi I have the below requirement. While creating the PO(Purchase Order) with reference to PR(Purchase Requisition),if the net price value is 0.01 USD then the system will display a pop up a error message that 'This is a free price for PR'. Can anybody

Bad RAM, bad slot, or user installation error?

I have tried installing a Crucial 1GB stick in the upper slot (512 is in the lower) on my week-old PB. First time, the computer started up properly but the RAM didn't show up. The second time, it started up to black screen & 3 beeps. Third time to bl

Syntax to correct typing errors on form

Hiya Using PHP and MySQL, I am looking for the correct syntax to make sure a visitor has typed their name and address with an initial capital letter, then the rest of the address lowercase. Finally the postcode (zip) should be uppercase. I can correc

Reformat external hard drive - "bad superblock", "magic number wrong" error

i was just given a brand new 300GB USB hard drive, however, as it came NTFS-formatted, immediately after plugging it in for the first time, i fired up Disk Utility, and attempted to format it with UFS. The problem arose when the progress bar just sat

Interesting scan from string error

Got an interesting (and hopefully easy) issue with scan from string. VI and back panel image attached. Open it or make it and try to run it and let me know if you get an error too. Am I doing anything wrong? (BTW, ignore the %d in the scan from strin

Flash is complaining about XML? Im using AS3 why are there XML errors? Unknown syntax errors.

Sorry to keep spamming these forums with my stupid errors, but I am trying really hard to learn Flash/AS3 and when I have got to grips with it, I will return the love. I am a flash rookie trying to make a simple calculation device and I am getting a

Syntax Error In Javascript Popup Window

I'm wondering if anybody can help me out here with a curious bit of code. I'm using GoLive 9 to generate Javascript popup windows. They seem to work fine, but when I check the syntax I get these errors: Line 22 Unexpected PCDATA Line 24 The Correspon

APO DP - BADI for storing forecast error in mass processing

I am using APO DP V5. Does anyone have experience of using the BADI for storing the forecast error in mass processing? My questions: 1. Which BADI is it? 2. Which forecast errors can it store (eg MAD, MAPE, customer specific errors?) 3. How does it w

Badi-error message?

Hi, Once the user wants to release an account some validation has to be done and restrict the user to release... 1.I have used one Badi and i put one Error mesage....but Error mesage is producing short dump. 2..I changed the mesage to type 'I' and be

Runtime error in activation BADI (CX_HRPA_INVALID_PARAMETER)

In activation BADI i get a runtime error using 'HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION' An exception occurred that is explained in detail below.                        The exception, which is assigned to class 'CX_HRPA_INVALID_PARAMETER', was not    caught in        


Hello friends, I had created a BADI which is showing DATA_INCONS_IN_EXIT_MANAGEM error in CL_EXITHANDLER=>GET_INSTANCE method call. when I gone through with other threads in SDN similar to this error I came to know there is no entry for my created BA

PLS-00049: bad bind variable 'NEW.ID' on trigger

Hi guys, I am using Oracle SQL Developer version and having the sql statement like below CREATE TABLE Zipcodes      zipcode_id NUMBER(10),      zipcode VARCHAR2(10),      district_id NUMBER(10),      PRIMARY KEY(zipcode_id) CREATE SEQUENCE Z

Error loading a class into oracle db

hi, my oracle server: 8i Enterprise Edition Release i want to load a simple java class into my oracle server. java source: public class Ping      java.lang.String server;      public static void main(java.lang.String[] args)           Syste

MediaSource Player: "Response from CDDB server had bad synt

I am using the Creative MediaSource Player as part of the software I got with my SoundBlaster Audigy 2 PCMCIA card. I cannot register to use the CDDB database. I get the error message "Response from CDDB server had bad syntax"?There are many pos