Avoid triggers in IMP or EXP

How to avoid triggers in IMP or EXP.
TRIGGERS=Y/N is not available in 11g also.
Any other tricks?
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No other tricks. With the data pump, you can exclude triggers on the impdp command line.

How to avoid triggers from firing recursively?

We're using a packaged application on top of oracle 9i. The application makes an entry into a table whenever organization entity A charges an amount to entity B. To be able to follow the flow of these charges in both directions a corresponding entry

Migrate exp/imp into data pump

Hi Experts, we use exp/imp to exp data 150G and works to support stream in past time. As I know, that data pump will speed up exp. How to migrate ex/imp syntax into data pump? my imp/exp as exp USERID=SYSTEM/[email protected] OWNER=tiger FILE=D:\Oraclebacku

10g で exp したデータ → 11g へ imp でエラー

10g から 11g へのデータ移行についての質問です. ■10gでの実行expコマンド exp user/password file=f:\backup_db\当日.dmp owner=user log=f:\backup\当日.log buffer=2000000 ■11gへの実行impコマンド imp user/password file=e:\DB\Copy.dmp buffer=2000000 log=e:\db\imp.log fromuser=user 上記の10g(10.2 32

Support for triggers for tables with clustered column-store indexes

Hello, We are very excited about the new clustered column-store indexes in SQL 2014 and our performance tests shows significant performance gains.  However, our existing functionality relies on triggers and they are not allowed on tables with column-

Imp / from user/touser

what to clear my concepts What fromuser-touser is doing, like in this example what is going on with fromuser=(FA_F3PROD) touser=(FA_R3TST01) imp parfile=exp.parvi parfile userid=system/*******@R3TST01 file=refresh.dmp fromuser=(FA_F3PROD) touser=(FA_


Hi All I have a problem.I need to export the data and then import it inot another database.I used imp and exp file but it is not exp and imp data but exp and imp database structure,triggers,procedure etc but not data Please tell me how should i proce

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Hi all, I'm facing a problem to make a plsql process start only when I insert a row in a tabular form. I created a tabular form and a after submit plsql process, as well. The problem is that plsql process start every submit event. I want it to start

Moving Database From One Machine to Another

Hello all, I'm a complete noob to oracle. I have a few questions before I can start working with oracle. 1. If I develop a database on one machine(e.g. at home), how do I move/copy the database to some other machine (e.g. work). 2. If I develop the f

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Hi, We are studying the possibility of using Oracle Workspace to maintain multiple versions of our business data. I recently did some tests with the import/export of a dump that contains multiple workspaces. I'm not able to import the dump successful

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When you strike the keyboard hard using the EXS 24 Fretless Bass sample, the velocity spike results in the note starting up a tone and then gliding back to the note you played (ie you hit G and it plays A and glides back to G) Can some kind soul have

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Is there documentation on migrating Designer/Repository from 9i to 10g. We have a 9i database and 9i designer. What are the specific steps to be done. I know oracle normally has a migration path for its products. any tips would be helpful.Documentati

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I'm moving some rather large tables between two Oracle 10 instances. In simple words I would like to copy a schema from one database to another. Simple, you say? Not so! I cannot use Oracle data pump on the target host as I lack the required privileg

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Hello Experts, We have a workflow wherein 2 levels of approvals are needed. One level of approval is handled thru workflow mails/BSP. After first level approval, using some logic I will find a value like 6 or 5. Which will be updated as trip status.

Export and import XMLType table

Hi , I want to export one table which contain xmltype column form oracle and import into version. I got following errors when i export the table , when i tried with exp and imp utility EXP-00107: Feature (BINARY XML) of column Z

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EXPort (without Mat view logs)

Hi Oracle10g, Win2003 Is there a way to take EXPort without "materialized view logs", as these logs cause error in IMPort and some time even terminate IMPort. It will be equally well for me if i got a way to completely exclude "materialized

ORA-02298: cannot validate .......

Hi, I exported user cmsadmin with constraints=y and consistent=y as DBA user from 9i then Imported it using fromuser/touser =cmsadmin into oracle 10g.. i got the follwing error while importing: IMP-00017: following statement failed with ORACLE error

Autonomous Trigger / Mutating Table Problem

We have a specific problem in one of our applications being developed where by the database needs to enforce a specific business requirement. We need to use a database trigger to enforce some data integrity which involves more than one table as such