Avilable Web Parts to view word documents

I have added Excel & Visio web parts inside my publishing site collection, to view visio & excel documents. but seems there is not any available web parts for viewing word documents, so can anyone advice about this ?


The difference is based on the existence of a shared service app for Excel and Visio.  You can view Word Documents using Office Web Apps. Excel files can be viewed using either Office Web Apps or Excel Services.  The web part you are referring
to is part of Excel Services.  Visio services also has a web part, but has no support in Office Web Apps.   But since there is no Word Service App there is no web part available for viewing word documents, only Office web apps itself.
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Yes i have been using excel services & Visio services, as we do not have office web apps. so is there any way to view word documents inside the web browser, other than using office web apps?