Automatic Goods movement from CO11N for serialized materials

I'm dealing with confirmation of discrete production orders. When I confirm last operation, the system has to post Good Receipt automatically but materials are serialized, so I know I cannot use flag "Automatic GR" in control key.
My requirement is:
soon after the confirmation, I want to call MIGO transaction (movement type 101) with order number, yield confirmed, material code coming from CO11N.
Both CO11N and MIGO have to be on line transactions.
I have activated enhancement CONFPP05 but the call transaction MIGO gives me the message "Order xxx is already being processed" because the confirmation isn't still saved .
The BADI WORKORDER_CONFIRM has the same problem.
I haven't found an exit after saving the confirmation.
Have you any suggest?


You can try Background job for all confirmed order, ran MIGO background

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