Autodiscovery and coexistence of two different exchange server

Hi all,
I'm trying to understand how autodiscovery works during coexistence of two different exchange server.
We have one AD server and two different Exchange server and two users (A and B). 
The mailbox of user A is in Exchange server ONE
The mailbox of user B is in Exchange server TWO
They are creating for the first time their profile in outlook. How autodiscover works in this scenario?
Maybe the information are too few but I want to understand if in a scenario like this, Autodiscover can work with appropriate configuration or there is now way to use autodiscovery.
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You dont need to worry about autodiscover if both are in the same forest.
You just point your autodiscover to one of the server. It will proxy to the right server.
For example if your autodiscover pointed to ServerONE and when a request comes from UserB, ServerONE will
proxy  the request to ServerTWO. 
Normally all point autodiscover to the internet facing server.
Thanks, MAS
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