I wrote this Lua script to check the status of my personal repository, then I thought it could be useful for other aur-based repositories such as community as well. What it does is generate a table that shows the differences between the versions of the packages in AUR and in the repository, in the form of a XHTML page. Here's an example of its output when run on community x86_64.
To use it on Arch you will need the luajson package from the AUR.
EDIT : If the list from the example link is not complete, that's because the script is running
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While reading the aur-general mailing-list I found another use to this script: hunt duplicates in AUR. I just have to run it on core and extra instead, and the duplicates will be the only lines that won't show in grey...
Then I commented out the code that shows the grey lines and here you go, a list of packages ready for removal from the AUR (or that have the same name as a package from core or extra anyway): core, extra.
PS: Be careful, some packages in the list, such as darcs, might have a use and need to be renamed instead of deleted.
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