Audio system interferences with Wireless mouse

Hi folks!
This is one of the most incredible thing I have never seen, in my whole life.
Let's start...
I have a Trust250SP wireless mouse and I'm using the onboard audio. When I listen to MP3, MIDI, CDAudio (digitalized, cannot try direct cdaudio mode ¿?), WAV, etc.  my wireless mouse doesn't work (or work extremely slow) untill I approach it upto 15 cm from the antenna; however, listening to radio or microphone, everything is ok.
If I mute the whole audio, then the mouse responses again; if I unmute it, the mouse doesn't work. If I mute the Wave input, mouse works; after unmutting it, mouse doesn't work. If I stop/pause winamp (or powerdvd, etc.), mouse responses; if I resume/play winamp, mouse doesn't response.  
I tried to unplug the three audio cables (5.1 audio) but it doesn't matter. I also try to unplug my 5.1 amplifier, with the same behavior.
What does all that have in common? When the nVidia Mixer Spectrum Analizer works, the mouse doesn't response and, when the Spectrum Analizer doesn't work (for radio input, microphone, etc.), then the mouse works fine.
As far as I can remember, I update my nVidia drivers to version 5.10 a couple of weeks ago. Before that, I believe my mouse was working fine all the time. I'm willing to bet that version 5.10 is the cause of all my problems.
IMHO, this is NOT an IRQ conflict or something like that because I tried a standard ps/2 mouse (not wireless) and everything works fine. Even my wireless mouse works fine when it's very very close to the antenna; so, the only explanation (for me) is that the audio system is interfiering my wireless mouse.
Any ideas? (please, I hope so)
PS: how can I uninstall the 5.10 drivers and install the old ones?


I tried both channels on my mouse with the same result. I also brought the antenna as far as I could and... same result  
Any more ideas? The strangest is that all this  didn't happen a time ago.
How can I remove the nVidia drivers?