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Thanks for answering my previous post! And I apologize for my last empty post, I hit enter by mistake. :smileytongue:
I have a question:
Gi'ven your experience as a CL tech, which do you think is the most appropriate sound card for my Logitech Z-5500 digital speakers. In other words, if you just dished out around 300 bucks for it, don't tell me you'd be perfectly happy with cheap 'n dirty /8" minijack to RCA connection.
It's clear that my Audigy 2 does absolutely no optical digital. It barely even does coaxial. My speaker system can handle up to three (or four) simultaneous connections, so if that means using the 6 ch direct analog for music and then switching, with the click of a button, to optical (or coaxial) digital for my DVD movies and other DTS apps, then so be it.
How am I suppose to even experience dts or thx sound with analog inputs, anyway? You wouldn't want that if these were your speakers, would you?
Thanks for your input and understanding!


Thanks for your input!
I was aware that the speakers do their own decoding of dts and such, and have read that many owners of these speakers chose to let the speakers do the decoding job instead of their sound cards. Many don't even use a sound card, they just connect the speakers to their motherboard out connection. The thing is that a optical (and sometimes coaxial) digital connection is used. I could only do coaxial through my sound card.
It is OK if I don't get all of the feautures from my Audigy 2 card when hooking up the coaxial out (SPDIF) to my speakers. Remember that the speakers allow for multiple simultaneous connections, so I could be quickly switching back and forward between 6 channel direct and coaxial input with the click of a button.
So, I'm looking to bypass the Audigy 2's decoding and let my speakers do that, instead. How would I do that? Is it automatic since you said the Audigy 2 does not decode dts?
Is this cable good enough to connect my digital out from the Audigy to my coaxial input of my speakers?
Would this cable have better quality? Unfortunetly this is from the Canadian Radioshack and they do not ship to the US. Is gold-plated better?
Thanks in advance!