ASR 1002 inter-chassis redundancy

Can anyone tell me which licence is required to create inter-chassis redundancy between 2 ASR 1002 routers?
I don't need NAT/ Firewall features. I want redundancy only for ip data. As i have read on Cisco sites it is mentioned that we require licence for NAT/Firewall features. If i don't require these features is there any need for any particular licence or not?
Mukesh Kumar
Network Engineer
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Hello Leo Laohoo
I know Rahul Chhabra. But my answer is not there where you told me to go.
As you told him to use HSRP, we don't want to use this protocol. Because this is configured on the interface level. If we will use this protocol we need the same number of ip addresses as the interfaces we are having on the routers. Thats why we prefer Inter-chassis Hardware Redundancy between 2 ASR 1002 routers, in this case we require only two IP addresses for the both the routers.
Now i want to know that we want to enable only routing on the ASR routers, for this do we need any license or not. If yes then which one license we have to purchase?
If not then please tell me the link from where have you seen that we don't require any link.
Mukesh Kumar
Network Engineer
Spooster IT Services

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