Are there any 30 pin female to lightning adapters that support video and audio together?

I have a wowwee cinemin slice projector and I wondering if there are any products that will convert the 30 pin to lightning that supports audio and video, since the Wowwee Cinemin Slice plays video through the iPhone, but currently only has the 30 pin adapter?  Thanks so much.


yeah, and I can't believe that you can't buy sushi for breakfast, but there it is. Chris CA is right. Lightning will NOT support analog video out. It will do audio, though. So...your best bet would be to buy a Lightning digital AV adapter (2nd generation) then try to find an HDMI to 30 pin cable. I'm presuming that the wowee has a 30 pin socket on it... I see.... it also has a VGA and a mini-HDMI port on it, so you'll have to use the last two, perhaps, unless you can find  cable that goes from HDMI to 30 pin male end, then 30 pin female to female, to finally connect with the wowee. I  have yet to see a 30 pin female to female adapter, and I suspect there will never be one.  I can't believe many things, either, scoody. Apple is not known for going backwards, once it has introduced a new standard. It may try to acommodate some people, but it will never be able to please everyone.  In any event,  I think it was mentioned by Apple that, in moving to Lightning, some 30 pin stuff might not work, and the wowee cinemin slice is probably one of those things...
welp--there you go
John B