Applet Security loading & running on local PC

I understnd the limits of an Applet loaded from a server to a local PC. What I am trying to do is test my Applet (JApplet actually) as I create it. I have some GIF and JPG files that need to be loaded from the same DIR that the JApplets HTML file is in. When I run the Applet in appletviewer it works fine, when I run it in IE5.5 I get security errors and the Applet fails to initialize.
I have read the online section on applet security. It seems to me that my applet 'thinks' it is being loaded from a remote server.
The online HTML talks about a properties file that can be edited to include the rights to read and/or write to specific local files. Anybody know the name of this file ??
It should not make a difference that I am doing my work on a W2K Server, should it ???
Any specific help would be greatly appreciated !!

Replay access denied ( CHR.gif read)
All I try to do in my code is place a GIF as am Icon on a JButton.
//add buttons to controlPanel
        for(int i=0;i<siteNames.length; i++){
            icon = new ImageIcon(icons);
JButton b = new JButton(siteNames[i],icon);
Where icons[i] is a string listing of GIF files. The code works fine in IE5.5 without the icons on the buttons. Only when I put the icons on the buttons do I get the access denied error.
Any Ideas ????
Could it be the fact that I am doing my coding and testing on a W2K Server ????

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I don't think this is an Applet Security problem associated with accessing the xml files on the server using URL connection. This will not in itself produce the exception unless the files are on a different server to the one the Applet was loaded fro

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