Applet not loading in different os

hi all,
i have created an tree structure using applet for my website. the appplet is loading in all os except windows 2000professional and 2003 64 bit os.


hi ,
thanks for ur question. i want to know the solution how to get my applet in windows 2000 professional and 2003 64 bit os. what is the problem in these two os. is there any solution for these problem.
thanks & regards

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Java Applet not loading

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Hey I am about 3/4 through the book Teach yourself java in 24 hours...and so far every applet I have done has not loaded in the browser but stayed the gray box of doom... bla bla not found. I am using Jcreater as a compiler and have the newest runtim

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Hi, we have the following problem: When using java 1.5 in our browser, our applet does not load. Using java 1.4.2 it works. It also works using java 1.5.0 using another reverse proxy. The differences between the 2 reverse proxies (one works, one work

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Hi, I recently upgraded the 11i Apps Database to 11g R2. then i upgraded to jdk6 update 18. After JDK upgrade the forms are not loading. Java console log : Loaded image: http://ServerName/OA_MEDIA/appslogo_new.gif Loaded image: jar:http://ServerName/

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