APPLE CARE in Paris France

Hey Folks,
I recently sent my mom a Power Book in France..She is all set up with French Mac and Apple Care...Are there any known Walk-In locations in Paris ? or perhaps a list of places ?
I understand there wont be an actual Appe Store there till 2007 but im sure there are retailers, perhaps some that provide Apple Care ?
Thank You, Help Greatly Appreciated!


Hi Freak-a-zoid,
Sorry, I don't speak French, but I found the following:
Mac Mini 1.42Ghz, iPod (All), Airport (Graphite & Express), G4 1.33Ghz iBook, G4 iMac 1Ghz, G3 500Mhz, iBook iMac 233Mhz, eMate, Power Mac 5400 LC, PowerBook 540c, Macintosh 128K, Apple //e, Apple //, and some more...  Mac OS X (10.4.5) Moto Razr, iLife '06, SmartDisk 160Gb, Apple BT Mouse, Sight..