App installed via OVI store... replacement handset...

As mentioned in other posts, I've had a replacement N8.
I had one particular app (kind of white-noise, sleep helper thing) installed - it was free at the time, a few weeks back. Now it's a paid for thing.
I do have a backup of my N8 done through OVI suite, but I'm reluctant to simply restore it all, as I've made some changes, and removed some apps, and would rather not have to do it all again.
Can restores from OVI suite backups be done in any way selectively?


aspergerguy wrote:
You don't have to get this application via OVI Store as you can download the .sis file and save it if purchased from:,en,gbp/symbian/6444821,product-devices,White-Noise-Symbian-Edition.html
It was this app from the OVI store that I'd ordered and downloaded - free, then. It's only 1 UK pound, now - but it's more the point, really - I've simply got a replacement N8, I just wanted to have everything on it that was on my other one.
I guess I could do the restore, but as I said, there's probably quite a few corrections (config changes, some apps uninstalled, etc) that I'm not overly eager to do, especially having already done quite a bit to get my replacement N8 back to near where I want it.

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