APD: query to CSV flat file  , sign indicator after value

Hi Guys,
I have created one APD process in BI 7, which will execute query and will send out put to CSV file in application server . When i am executing query through BEX i am getting sign indicator before value but in APD after excution sign indicator is coming after value . for example in BEX i am getting value -24 but in APD i am getting value 24-.
I wrote ABAP code also but SAP programme is converting again sign indicator after value.
Can any one throughw some light.
Thanks in advance


Hi Andrew,
yes, APD does work with internal representations of ABAP only. It expects values in that format on the input (file data source), and creates the corresponding format on the output (file data target). The makes it possible to simply apply the MOVE logic of ABAP.
This format is bad when using the file in other tools like excel. I do understand that you would like to specify the output format, but it is not yet possible, sorry.