Any tutorial about url parameters

i search for any tutorial about url parameters and how to use
it in one page to call every thing just change the url parameter
and every thing on the page changed like the visibility of
something ,,,,,
thanks in advance.


There are two parts to a URL parameter -
1. Sending it
2. Receiving it
To send it, do this -
<a href="whatever.php?your_parameter=<?php echo
$whatever; ?>">This link
will send the parameter to 'whatever.php'</a>
To receive it, do this -
$yourVariable =
That parameter's value is now stored in $yourVariable. The
isset part tests
to see if the parameter has been specified at all, and if it
has not, it
sets $yourVariable to '', while if it has, it sets
$yourVariable to the
value of the parameter. It is functionally equivalent to -
<? php
if (isset($_GET['your_parameter'])) {
$yourVariable = $_GET['your_parameter'];
} else {
$yourVariable = '';
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