Alert Notification to outside of the organization

Does SCOM 2012 R2 allow sending notification/alert email outside the organization? If so, is there any tech notes on how to?


To send email notification outside organization that according to your SMTP Server which allow you to send notification outside organization. Configure the servers SMTP Relay restriction configuration to add the IP address of the OpsMgr server that is sending
the email notification.
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I changed my data plan from 6g to 8g while my daughter who attends college outside of the US at Toronto Canada (and we have on a international calling and international data plan) was on spring break at her grandparents house here in the US. I made the ch

I changed my data plan from 6g to 8g while my daughter who attends college outside of the US at Toronto Canada (and we have on a international calling and international data plan) was on spring break at her grandparents house here in the US. I made t

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Version : Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production Help me in Identifying the groups(different Sectors) in the Organization Each Group will have the same Group id if  We_org_id , We_addr_id or We_org_id , Ein Match

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My operating system is: Windows 7 Home Basic (service pack 1) 32-bit. Directx: 11.0, video card: Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT, (512 ram DDR 3, whit driver 296.10 that is the last one), PCI Express x16 Gen2. Procesor, Intel Core i7 860 2800 MHz. System Memo

What happened to all the images in the Organizer?

I posted a similar question in the Photoshop Elements forum and got no answer that solved the problem. The reason I'm now posting it here is that I suspect copying the lessons from the Premiere Elements 11 Classroom in a Book may have caused the prob