Airplay audio from Yosemite stutters intermittently, video remains unusable.

I've come across numerous other threads describing this issue but none seems to have a resolution other than "wait until Apple fixes it via update", so I decided to make a post and see if I could find some newer answers since it's been a while.
Upon updating my macbook pro to Yosemite back in when it was released, Airplay audio from my MacBook to my Apple TV 3rd Gen stutters for about 30 seconds after beginning Airplay and intermittently thereafter. With Mavericks, everything worked perfectly and nothing has changed hardware-wise since then, which handily implies that Yosemite is to blame. Still, I have wiped and restored both my macbook and the Apple TV (via usb), and even my router (Airport Extreme ac) in my efforts to troubleshoot with no luck. Wifi conditions are maybe 8 feet with direct line of sight and I've tried both 2.4 and 5 GHz spectra. Video airplay functions after a fashion but has a continuous stutter that makes it practically unusable. Note that this issue also affects my partner's MBP but both of our iPhone 6's continue to function perfectly.
Other solutions I have come across include disabling bluetooth on the mac, but this solution is untenable as it breaks the functionality of Continuity features which I have come to depend on and also doesn't seem to work for everyone, and several terminal commands which alter the behavior of bluetooth on my system which ultimately have the same adverse side effects as simply disabling it.
I am seriously lamenting this broken airplay functionality and, since it was a key motivator in my use of the Apple TV product, am strongly considering something different. Am I pretty much just out of luck here?
Apple TV 3rd Gen
Retina MacBook Pro 15 inch, early 2013


I forgot to mention that the Apple TV is connected to the Airport via ethernet cable.