Agent commission process configuration

Dear All,
I am trying to configure Agent commission process.
Based on the information available on various threads and links provided in the threads, i ahve completed configuration of below steps.
1. i have configured new partner function ZA (commission agent) as customer (not as vendor) and assigned the same to partner detrmination procedure AG in customer.
2. i have configured new customer account group ZCAG by copying sold-to-party 0001. Define number range for ZCAG and define screen for ZCAG.
3. Assigned ZA to ZCAG
4. Assigned ZA to sales order partner detrmination procedure
5. Assigned ZA to Billing partner detrmination procedure
6. Created customer master for commission agent
7. Assigned that master to sold-to-party customer master.
8. added condition type BO03 (customer rebate) to pricing procedure.
now after doing above configuration.
i have tried to create rebate w.r.t. customer ID of commission agent, but system doesnt accepted it. so, i created the rebate w.r.t sold to party (to which commission agent was assigned) and in condition i have mentioned the ID of commission agent.
que? do we  need to create rebate w.r.t cust ID of commission agent if yes then HOW?? is there any configuration i have missed??
After creating rebate, i have created SO for that sold-to-party and run the complete cycle upto billing. but the accruals didnt got update.....
Kindly suggest if i have missed any thing and also auggest how to move further.
Also note that sales org, customer and billing doc are marked for rebate.
please dont give reference of any other threads or link, as i have gone through each every threads and link available before posting.
quick reply will be Appreciated


Sorry in the recent past, I have not handled this.  Long time back I configured and not sure how I had handled.
But you should not treat the commission agent as customer; instead, he should be treated as vendor.  Assign this to your sold to party code.
Create a condition type with Condition Class and Calculation type as "A".  Of course, assign this condition type in your pricing procedure.
In V/07, for this condition type, have an access sequence where you maintain table 363.  For this combination, maintain the commission percent in VK11.
Try creating sale order and update the forum.
G. Lakshmipathi