After New RAM, Slower Initially

I recently upgraded by MacBook with 2 matched 1GB sticks of Corsair RAM and boy, does it make a difference...after a while.
When I start up the computer, it's now slower than it was with the 512mb of stock memory. However, after running a few programs (which also take longer to startup than before - Firefox takes between 40 and 50 seconds to start), the computer speeds up quite a bit. It really flies - Word opens in less than 1/3 the time.
Is there something I should have done in software to allow better allocation of the RAM? Is this normal? If not, what can I do about it?


How long is "after a while?" I ask because I'm thinking about getting an upgrade, but I'm wondering if it's worth it. I can't be sure, but I would assume it has to do with the fact that the RAM sticks haven't been used before, but don't trust me, I have never done this. Does it do this with all of your apps or just a few? How long does it last?

Compaq Presario C303NR Doesn't Completely Start-up after New RAM Upgrade

Hello Paul, This is Tammy. I finally made time this morning to upgrade the ram in my laptop, model C303nr. And, I'm in desparate need of help because something went horribly wrong. The laptop boots up to my desktop, but then I get nothing but moving

Beeping after new ram installed?

I installed apple ram into my macbook and it would not boot up. It simply beeped.Is it as shown below? Please note the 667mHz speed. Maximum Memory     6.0 GB (Actual) 4.0 GB (Apple) Memory Slots     2 - 200-pin PC2-5300 (667MHz) DDR2 SO-DIMMRead oth

Laptop isn´t charging after putting in new ram

My laptop stopped charging after putting in new ram.First i had 2 gb of ram then i putted in 3gb of ram and its not charging anymore.Then i putted in old ram and now it is  charging. Please help me i need this 3gb of ram.return the RAM, replace the o

Installed new Ram & 10 minutes after startup the computer keeps freezing.

I have mac book pro from 2006 (1.83ghz)  I recently installed 2 new 1G ram chips from crucial for a total ram of 2G. I am running osx 10.6. and 10 minutes after startup the computer keeps freezing.  Could it be that 10.6 is too much for the processor

4 hrs later - Computer shut down after installing new RAM (mid 2007 Imac)

Mid 2007 imac and I installed new Ram. It worked for 4 hrs then the Imac shutdown. The pressed power button but no power. Unplugged and replugged the power cord and 3 beeps sounded. I am wondering if it worked for 4 hrs or so, then why did it would i

Macbook pro shutting down after I installed new RAM

I recently installed 8 GB of new RAM (purchased from Best buy). and a few times since I did that (yesterday morning),  my laptop has shut down and a grey screen has popped up with something saying  "Your computer has shut down because of a problem, p

Macbook pro 13" (2009) boot-up slow or freezes after 8GB RAM upgrade?

The RAM is recognized when I check "about Mac". This is intermittent since I went from 2GB of RAM to 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) of RAM. Should I receed the boards? Are there other ways to diagnose why the system boots slowly or freezes on the blue screen b

Installed new ram, computer wont start up

I installed 1gb of hynix ram. I tried setting it in different ways, but each time when i start up the computer it doesnt even get to the chime sound, the screen doesnt come on, my fan just runs loud and fast and nothing happens, but it starts up fine

Help! Installed new RAM and now screen isn't coming on!

Hi I'm in a bit of a mess and would be grateful for any help with this one: I have a Powerbook G3 500mhz Pismo that currently has a 512mb card in the top slot (Kingston PB100/512) that I installed about two years ago with no problems and an original

TA44551 my i pod classic will play works great! in a dock but will not charge ( after new battery ) HELP !!!

I have an older Ipod classic it plays on everything i have . Recently replaced the battery because it would not take charg .After new battery it plays through several defferent devices but it will not CHARG !!!    HELP!!!!Not Charge - See:       iPod

[SOLVED] Slow initial starts/reads of programs on SSD w/ btrfs

Recently I have started to experience very slow initial starting and read times for all programs and files. I am running Arch Linux on an SSD with btrfs. I've tried changing mount options, changing schedulers, rebalancing btrfs, defragmenting, etc.,

New RAM stopped my Kernel Panics on a MacBook

I upgraded my Duo Core 1.83gHZ White MacBook to 2GB of RAM almost three years ago when purchased new. Sometime after upgrading to Leopard I started having frequent kernel panics. I ran Memtest several times and it never found a problem. I blamed Leop

HT4623 how do you get iMessage to work after new insallment

how do I get my iMessage to work after new insallment, also FacetimeIf complete details had been provided in the initial posting then a different response would have been provided. Troubleshooting FaceTime and iMessage activation issuesRead other 5 a

5233 cell not working fine after new theme install...

My 5233 cell is not working fine after new theme installation. As soon as i installed new theme  MENU options are not coming, Only showing new theme image. Pls help.Be careful when you install themes or apps. Make sure their sources are reliable and

Garage Band '11, version 6.0.5 will not change key after new project is started

Garage Band '11 version 6.0.5:  Cannot change key after new project is started. It has always worked ok prior to this. And I have had other issues. How do I reinstall Garage Band '11? I have looked in downloads, but can'ty find any download file. I h

2008 MacBook - new RAM won't boot...sort of!

Hey all, I have an early 2008 MacBook with 2GB RAM I was attempting to upgrade to 4GB. When I put the 2 new ram cards in the slots the computer will not boot! (Sleep light is solid). The computer boots fine with the 1GB original cards when reinserted

When to install new RAM?

I just bought an iMac and haven't unboxed it yet. I also bought extra RAM to upgrade the memory. Can I upgrade the RAM when I unbox it (before booting it up at all)? Or do I need to boot it up, get it going, and THEN upgrade the RAM? Thanks.You can c

Windows 7 doesn't load afther install new RAM

Hi, i have buy for my Toshiba Satellite L655-1JV  2x4GB of RAM from PNY ( ) and afther i install the new RAM my windows 7 show's a blue screen error while start

Regarding new RAM installati​on

Hello, My name is Bharadwaj B S, I am currently thinking of buying a new 4 GB DDR3 1600MHz frequency RAM for my HP g-009 ax. When I checked the specifications of memory in some software it showed 798.4 Mhz, which is for the RAM currently in my laptop