After Export to excel response handler, control does not restore

I am downloading an excel file from a bsp page using the following code. However, after the download the control does not come back to the page from where the download was done. l_xml_xstring variable has the data in xstring format.
  lv_content_type = 'application/'.            
    -> create response
  runtime->server->response->set_header_field( name  = if_http_header_fields=>content_type "'Content-Type'
                                      value = lv_content_type ).
  runtime->server->response->set_header_field( name  = 'content-disposition'
                                      value = 'attachment; filename=output.xls' ).
  IF NOT l_xml_string IS INITIAL.
    runtime->server->response->set_data( l_xml_xstring ).
navigation->response_complete( ).
Is there any additional step so that the control comes back?


(sorry i really dontknow, because the same works in my case)
alternate approach.
for your case you dont have to generate cached response.
create a bsp page and set its MIME type to application/ (in the properties tab of the page)
within the layout , just have a simple html table with data.
now call this page, you will automatically get the save / open option.