Adobe Updater Wants To Update Reader 9 Which I Don't Have

The Adobe updater program on my Mac keeps up popping up asking me to update Reader v9 which I do not have any longer as I am running the latest version of Reader.  How do I get rid of this annoying reminder?  I don't want to turn off auto update checking since that will affect my current installed Reader.  I'm running on OS X 10.6.


Thanks for the quick response, but it didn't solve the problem
Do you have more things that I could try ?
Thanks for the effort

App keeps asking for serial number (which I don't have)

I've downloaded my app (Audition) that my company already purchased for me. The app keeps asking for my serial number (which I don't have). When I'm logged into Creative Cloud, Audition appears in my account. What gives?Hi Ratandeep Arora I followed

HT2693 Hello I forgot my security question and want to reset it but I don't have rescue email address How could I do it Pls help Thanks

Hello I forgot my security question and want to reset it but I don't have rescue email address How could I do it Pls help ThanksIf you don't have a rescue email address then see if the instructions on this user tip helps :

How can I restore my Sons Ipod it says is disabled and to connect to i-tunes, when i connect to itunes i can't either and it says i need a passcode which we don't have. How can i get it back to work? please help!!

Hi, I'm trying to get my sons Apple Ipod back to work but im unable to because the I-pod says to connect to I-tunes and is dissabled. When I connect it to I-tunes it says to put a passcode which I don't have. Can someone help please??http://support.a

Every time I try to download a free or paid app or in iTunes   it asks me for a credit card. (Which i don't have one)  How can i download free apps without a credit card and not reset my apple ID? I already put in 20$!!!!!

Every time I try to download a free or paid app or in iTunes  it asks me for a credit card. (Which i don't have one) How can i download free apps without a credit card and not reset my apple ID? I already put in 20$!!!!!How to Get Apps From the App S

HT201412 i have tried to update my apps but it says i don;t have enough money in my account which i find unusual concidering the apps are free what is the problem

i don;t understand why  safari is not taking my updates one of them is free the other i purchased and yet i have tried to download free apps but it just goes to my account and says i  don;t have enough money in account the thing is its a free app wha

IPhone stuck on connect to iTunes screen do not use iTunes or have it installed on my PCs; does anyone know of an easy fix other than updating windows then installing iTunes?  I don't have time to go through the process again and at this point will d

Hi all- I'm new to this online community of Apple support; my iPhone 5s is stuck on a screen that has the connect to iTunes icon, this started after I upgraded to IOS 8.1.1 from the beta to fixed version; I don't use iTunes and have an IPad, home PC,

HT2731 i want an apple id but i don't have any credit card. and i want to use itunes on my ipod. what should i do now?

this is my dad's id and i want my own id but i do not have any credit card.See  >  Create an iTunes App Store account without a credit cardRead other 2 answers

When I restarted my computer and opened my email my earthlink and gmail where not there. It showed a moblie me account which I don't have but no mail in it

My computer froze for a bit so I restarted it.  When I went to open my email (I use what comes on the macbook) none of my pop accounts showed. The mailbox layout looked slightly different than it usually does as far as placement of some of the keys b

Iphone update needs to connect to iTunes - I DON'T HAVE A COMPUTER WITH ITUNES?

My macbook gave up for good and I haven't purchased a new one yet, so I have been using an old PC (boo, I know). It doesn't have iTunes, so I have been using my iPhone4 for everything. My iphone has EVERYTHING stored on it (lots of songs, movies, boo

After updating to 6.1.3. I don't have any 'sound' anymore?!

Hi, I updated my iphone 5 as well as ipad with 8pin connector to i.o.s. 6.1.3 and then all 'notifcation sounds' dissapear....can someone help? ThxTry this  - Reset the iPad by holding down on the Sleep and Home buttons at the same time for about 10-1

I want IOS7 for my iPhone5, I don't have a MAC

I have an iPhone 5 - I would like to install IOS-7 on it. Is it possible ? I do not have a MAC I do have an iPad (most current version)This is possible Go to settings > General > Software update it will be in there. This should solve your issueRead

Adobe Website keeps on acting as if I don't have ADA

When I tried to download After Effects trial version, at the bottom of the page it keeps on saying "If you click Download Now button, you'll donwload Adobe Download Assistant". But I've already downloaded ADA. I've refreshed the page, uninstall

How can I retrieve a password which is sent to my @me which I don't have the password to?

My son lost his iPod and we can't remember his Apple ID password to go to Find My IPod. The password reset function sends a link to his @me email which he never used and of course doesn't have the password to... What do do?If you didn't add a rescue

I have bought dreamweaver and I can't install it since its asking for serial number which I don't have.

I bought it from Creative Cloud pricing and membership plans | Adobe Creative Cloud What do I do?Hi Cecilia, If the steps mentioned by Ned doesn't work then kindly contact Adobe support as I didn't see any subscription under the Adobe ID you are sign

I have this following problem in Adobe Premiere Elements 11: Error of export: You don't have permissions to create or delete the output file.

Hey guys, I have this following problem: When i export my movie to my desktop from premiere elements 11 it fails and says "Error of export: You are not permitted to create or delete the output file." This is the first time i had this problem. I

My ipad has a message when trying to get into yahoo email telling me to go to setting and enable private browsing, which i don't have as a selelction

in safari yahoo mail i get a message please turn Private Browsing off by going to safari and private browsing and turn it off.  there is no selection called Private BrowsingIt's on the Safari Screen.

I gave my old iphone to my granddaughter when I bought a new one. The phone is asking for a passcode for voicemail which I don't have? any ideas?

I bought a new iPhone 5S and actually gave my iPhone 4S to my husband, who passed on my old iPhone 3S that he had been using to our granddaughter. So I am the original owner of the iPhone 3S. The iPhone 3S is asking our granddaughter for a Visual Voi

My iPhone doesn't match what I have in iTunes. My phone is what I want. How do I update iTunes? I did update and now they don't match. iTunes gives me the warnings that my phone is connected to another library. I don't have one. Any way to make iPhone ove

My iPhone has all the data I want, but it isn't matching my computers iTunes suddenly? How do I get them to match?  I have more on phone than what is showing up in my iTunes. It is saying it is synced with another account which I don't have???? Help.

10.7.4 in Software update, 'don't have permission', cannot run combo client

Software Update says that 10.7.4 is available for download. I attempted to install it and type in all my usual password info, but the system says: 'The update "Mac OS X Update" can't be saved. You don't have permission.' I then downloaded the co