Adobe PRE 7 Crashes repeatedly (DEP)

Data execution prevention keeps closing PRE7 saying that it is a threat. It only happens when I go to effects/transitions in the edit menu. I am baffled to why this happens, because in the past PRE7 worked just fine. I've tried everything: I put PRE7 in the exceptions list to DEP (data execution prevention), I tried reinstalling PRE7, I tried repairing it, I put it in the exceptions on my firewall, and everything else...
What could be causing this problem?


Great news! As different mfgrs. do their drivers differently and differently by model, the installation schemes can vary. Maybe you had a bad, or partial installation first time around. As I just did my nVidia Quadro yesterday, I noticed that there were several installation schemes, depending on just what one had installed and how they had it set up. For me, it was just a straight installation, but for others, with the same card, they'd have to disable several modules, move some ini files around and do it totally differently, than I did.
Good luck,