ADI + Commands center

Hello everyone,
I've installed Oracle with ADI on Windows XP SP2 and when I try to connect to the base with the ADI, the commands center keeps loading and won't connect.
I am trying to install it on a IBM ThinkCentre 6073-WU5 (dual core).
The problem is not our Procedures because it worked on a IBM ThinkCentre 8215-VAP. (Pentium 4HT).
I don't know if the problem is about the dualcore configurations, anyway.
So if anyone got the same problem and have the solution, feel free to help me out !
Thank you.
* Do not know if I posted in the right place * sorry if I did not.
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Hi Meher;
Please check below and see its helpful:
ADI Request Center Hangs After Applying The ADI Rollup 7.2.9 Patch 5906728 [ID 444127.1]
Adi Request Centre Hangs On Startup [ID 182830.1]
ADI Request Center does not start [ID 99530.1]
Hope it helps

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