ADD new fields Who's WHo

Im trying to add new fields to Advanced search in WHO's Who settings which are customs fields Z from infotype 1008; I customized new infoset copy from standard adding this infotype, but im getting error when i run de query on ESS, anyway Who's who don't Show fields from infotype 1008 on output field details, Anybody Knows How I can add custom fields in Who's who infoset and how the hell can I read infotype 1008 from infoset on  PCH DataBase?
Thanks in advance


Here is the catch, when you add the custom infotype make sure it has the primary key same as other infotypes used in the Query.
For example make Pernr as the primary key in the custom infotype.
I tried the same in our landscape and it worked fine.
The steps I did are as below:
In SQ02 - EDIT - Change Info-Type Selection - Add the Custom Infotype to the Query
In SQ03 created a custom user group and assigned Infoset to the User Group.
In SQ01 create the query and click on Change - From the top selected Basic List and added the fields which I want to see in list and also the selection criteria.
Once done with this execute the Query and see if the data is populated from the Custom Infotype.
There is no coding needed to populate the data.
Make sure the join is right and it should get the data. And the above link shows how to include the Custom Info-type fields in WHO'S WHO search.
Hope this helps.