Access violation in ORAGENERIC8.dll

We are seeing an intermittent access violation arising in ORAGENERIC8.dll when running a Window ISAPI web app from IIS. We're not familiar with this DLL but assume its part of the Oracle8i client. Our app seems perfectly healthy until this AV suddenly pops up--no pattern as to load, duration of processing, etc. Alert logs are clean. Any tips or thoughts? We're stumped!


Well, to start, you are aware that Win2003 and IE7 are very old and generally speaking probably no longer supported by Microsoft (unless you have extended support)? I bring this up not because I care that you are using software that is 10 years old, but because it is important to realize that at some point old software and new software simply won't play well together.
I would suggest you do the following:
1. Close ALL open browser and uninstall ALL installed JRE versions
2. If you are using Adobe Acrobat Reader to open your pdf files, uninstall it.
3. Ensure that you have installed all of the latest Windows (Microsoft) updates which are available. This can be determined by going to the Microsoft Update page. Here is the URL:
4. If any updates are installed, reboot regardless of the instructions provided by the update.
5. After rebooting, install the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader from the website.
6. Download JRE 1.6.0_37. You can download it from Oracle here:
Before attempting to install the JRE, close ALL open browser.
7. Now retest.
If the problem continues to reproduce, I would recommend you do some basic troubleshooting and ask youself some obvious questions. For example:
<blockquote><li>Does the problem reproduce on any other machine? If not, what is the difference between the machines?
<li>Did this ever reproduce before? If so, what has changed?
<li>Does this reproduce with any other application that accesses the pdf viewer? If not, what is unique about the way in which your app uses it?
<li>And so on....</blockquote>