A few questions on the ACE

I am getting up to speed on the ACE and was wondering if someone could please clarify a couple of things for me as the docs I am using are pretty confusing.
We have the ACE module in a Cisco 65XX switch, along with FWSM.
1) Do I need to create a Layer 3 int on the switch for the Vlan's that I have assigned to the ACE?
2) I have created a Layer 3 Client side and a Server side Vlans on the ACE. Do I need to create a default gateway for each of these Vlan's or create just one DG and point it to the switch?
3)Do I need to create a class map, a policy map and a service policy for the Client and Server Vlan L3 interfaces on the ACE?
Thanks much.


Have you had a chance to read through the config guide?
In general,
1) yes for client-side vlans
no for server-side vlans
2) just one default route to an SVI on MSFC
3) yes