A doubt when installing multiboot

Hi there guys! I have a doubt!
Right now, I was trying to install multiboot (a multiboot usb key creator) in my arch, which I run in dual boot with crunchbang linux. When I installed arch, I skipped the grub part, because I hold onto my crunchbang grub2.
Now, when I install multiboot, pacman asks me to install grub2 and to remove grub (which, normally, eve though I skipped it in the arch install, was anyway installed in my system, without touching the MBR though). Can I go straight with this and remove grub installing grub2? Will this change my crunchbang MBR grub2 behavior? Or would it be peacefully without consequences?
Thanks in advance!


I am sorry for the trouble you're having installing this software. Can you post a copy of your installation log? I can take a look at it and hopefully get to the bottom of this.
It should be located here:
C:\programdata\national instruments\installation logs
James D
Product Support Engineer
National Instruments