9720 : wifi problem

Hi,Just arrived on holidays in a foreign country. I disabled my data to avoid extra charges but when i'm trying to connect to wifi, it won't work. I have been on holidays in the same place before, the wifi was working before and the configuration hasn't changed.I tried rebooting my BB severeal times but there's no difference.Would anybody have an idea to fix this?Thanks


No sure ideas. If it were me, I would try the following...
Delete the wifi profiles on the device. Reset the device by removing the battery while power is on. Recreate the profiles and test.
And if that isn't the fix, do a backup and a security wipe. Do not restore settings and app data, just personal data like calendar and contacts. Test.
And if the problem remains, do a clean OS install. Again, do not restore settings and app data. Test.
- Ira