9720 : wifi problem

Hi,Just arrived on holidays in a foreign country. I disabled my data to avoid extra charges but when i'm trying to connect to wifi, it won't work. I have been on holidays in the same place before, the wifi was working before and the configuration hasn't changed.I tried rebooting my BB severeal times but there's no difference.Would anybody have an idea to fix this?Thanks


No sure ideas. If it were me, I would try the following...
Delete the wifi profiles on the device. Reset the device by removing the battery while power is on. Recreate the profiles and test.
And if that isn't the fix, do a backup and a security wipe. Do not restore settings and app data, just personal data like calendar and contacts. Test.
And if the problem remains, do a clean OS install. Again, do not restore settings and app data. Test.
- Ira

After installing Mountain Lion, WiFi problems

I installed Mountain Lion on my mac mini and have been having intermittent WiFi problems ever since. It seems to be getting worse, connection is now being dropped several times an hour as opposed to several times a day. I have tried all the suggestio

Iphone 6 wifi problems

II have a week old iPhone 6 and have had nothing but wifi problems since I got it. FIrst off off I got my 6 from Best Buy one week ago, and they could not transfer my icloud items and settings to my new phone. So I was sent home to do this myself. Af

Does not shutdown, does not start up, wifi problems

Hi I've been unable to switch off my macbookpro by conventional means. when i press the power button, it doesnt give me the option to restart or shut off, and when i scroll down to shutdown and select it, nothing happens. the only way for me to switc

GE70 Wifi problem

Ey guys, I have recently bought the MSI GE70 2PE Apache pro ( 1 week ago) and i already encountered a problem. I really like this notebook so far, but the one thing that annoys me so far is the wifi problem. Every day when im watching a video/ just b

Constant WiFi problems

I have constant problems with iPad wireless connections. Even when attempting to use iPhone Hotspot, the iPad will only connect 50% of the time - the rest - "Unable to join network"! Whats going on?Some things to try first: 1. Turn Off your iPad

Macbook pro 15 inch wifi problem (late 2011)

Hello, Here I write a little desperate with this problem that I have on the MacBook Pro (late 2011) with WIFI . For several months ago, when I power on the MBP is all apparently normal , spend a few minutes and I lose the WIFI , the icon still comes

Use of EtreCheck to solve WiFi problem

I had a problem with my MacBook Air (original) running 10.7.5. Although the icon in the menubar showed a WiFi connection, I couldn't get any data from the network. Also Airport Utility couldn't see any of the four base stations on my network. I'll le

Strange Wifi problem

Hello all, Im aware that most of you are not waiting for yet another wifi problem and I always try to solve them myself, but this time Im not able to do so. The problem is as follows. On my university, I can get a good wifi connection for approximate

WIFI problem after IOS 4.0.1

(Like many) I have wifi problem after IOS 4.0 update(no networks). I expected a lot from an update. So I upgraded in 4.0.1 but nothing change for me. Is it the same for you? Does this version was supposed solve the problem? Do you know if we can hope

Having Wifi Problems since Ios 6 (iphone 4)

Hello all, Since installing IOS6 (now at 6.0.1.) im having WIFI problems. It is an iphone problem because im tying this on the laptop and my iphone got problems. The problems show themself in the following ways: - Cant connect to whatsapp. I see that

I'm having problems with 7.1 update my flash "flashes" now when I receive txt's and notifications! And I'm also having problems with freezing and wifi problems! How do I solve this?

I'm having problems with 7.1 update my flash "flashes" now when I receive txt's and notifications! And I'm also having problems with freezing and wifi problems! How do I solve this?Doh! Rectified flash! But when face timing 2 seconds after it co

I have Wifi problems.

I have Wifi problems. I have the 16GB +3 G IPAD 2 connects to the network but does not navigate. Probe on multiple sites but I always say the same thing. No connection available. I knew that many users would feel the same it's a shame. This has no re

Very disappointed in 4G since 7.1 upgrade.  Why should I upgrade when my contract is up.  Looks like 5G has same WIFI problems.

Very disappointed in 4G iphone since 7.1 upgrade.  Why should I buy 5g or later iphone when it appears they have the same WIFI problems when upgraded?try resetting.  settings, general, reset. I would try reset network settings first. if not successfu

IPhone 4s wifi problem, I tried all the posibilities to fix the wifi, but still same. Please help to fix the 4s wifi. thanks

iPhone 4s Wifi problem, After using the device of 7 month. wifi is not working. BEFORE WAS WORKING FINE and now wifi is not able to identify. I tried all the possibilities to fix the wifi, such as resetting network, restart the phone, restore from iT

A solution to my WiFI problem - how to find WiFi ID or Airport ID of iphone

I had another WiFi problem which I finally solved- we have an Airport network which restricts users - I tried for a long time to find the airport ID or WIFI ID of my iphone - to allow access of my new iphone to our home network. I finally found it -

OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 WiFi Problem

Hi Guys and Gals, I'm using MacBook Pro Retina 13 inch Late 2013 and my OS is OS X Yosemite version 10.10.3.  I'm having problem with WiFi connectivity.  I cannot connect to my office WiFi.  I've tried many solution provided in the Internet about sim

IPad mini with retina still having wifi problems with iOS 8.0.2 - slow or none. Resetting temporarily fixes problem it very annoying. Please fix Apple! Not up to scratch.

iPad mini with retina still having wifi problems with iOS 8.0.2 - slow or none. Resetting temporarily fixes problem it very annoying. Please fix Apple! Not up to scratch.I Have followed these steps, and tried others, such as resetting all my network

Simple question has any body had wifi problems with there 1st g i pod touch

repeat has any body had wifi problems with there i pod touch 1st g or any i pod touch older models in the last few monthsYou need to describe your problem.  Many users haveposted about diffeent problems.  Could it be this problem? iOS: Wi-Fi or Bluet

Mountain Lion WiFi Problems (recap)

Folks, wanted to recap this as I am finding the problem much more broad than my original post (here: https://discussions.apple.com/message/19123146#19123146). Here's my setup: MacBook Air 13", Mid 2011 Mountain Lion Wifi Problems, cannot connect to o