32-bit library looks incomplete

Our dba has recently installed Oracle client on our app server. I am running into issues which appear to be caused by the fact that the lib32 directory under is missing required files. Looking at our 9.2 installation, there are a total of 86 files in the lib32 directory. In our installation, there are only 12 files in the lib32 directory.
Are there any differences between the 9.2 vs. releases that should account for the large discrepancy in lib32? Is there a separate 64-bit installation that would result in an incomplete lib32 directory?


user2857110 wrote:
I would say 12-24 hours for the downtime window.That gives a lot more options
I could hardwire between the two they have additional cards in them.
I suggested Linux in '04 I came from an IBM z/os background and did not want Windows. Oh well.What "Oh well"?? I was commending you for moving away from Winows. ;-)
I started my career on IBM system 360 and was on its descendant up to z/os before moving to the DBA role in a client server enviornment. With that I worked with Windows, OS/2, OpenVMS, and several flavors of nix.  I always* recommend against Windows for anything besides end-user desktop ... and that only because of Windows's pervasiveness in that arena.
Is it really that easy to just install Oracle 11g R1 (64-bit) and take a dmp (Windows) and import it in?
I do not have anything else to do? What about data type differences etc......I have some Blobs and Clobs in this database.I've never had the opportunity to work with clobs and blobs, but I do understand there are some issues there with exp and imp. I understand there are methods for dealing with it, but it does add a bit more complexity. Aside from that, it really is that easy. When using exp/imp to move data between different versions of oracle, always exp with the utility from the lower version and imp with that of the version being imported into.
Thank you for your time.
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