67Y1385 Lenovo 450GB 15K RPM 6GBS 3.5in SAS into new RD240 Thinkserver?

Has anyone successully used the following drives in a new RD240 Thinkserver?
67Y1385 Lenovo 450GB 15K RPM 6GBS 3.5in SAS Hot-Swap Hard Drive For Thinkserver.
Matrix doesn't show it, but that doen't expressly mean they won't work.
Anyone tried?   SAS only, RAID1 needed, no SATA mixed,
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"aren't supported" means that the particular drive in question hasn't been tested and qualified on thinkserver systems and won't be covered by support calls that directly relate to issues originating from the use of non-lenovo drives.
however, i'm sure they'll work fine.   all SAS drives are intended for RAID use.   and, old drives have a better chance of working on new controllers than new drives on old controllers.   that's typically where you run into conflicts (and typically in the controller firmware, not the drive).
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