6300 & msn

Hi All
Just wondering if anyone can help me with msn on my 6300.
I have had the phone since the start of the year and its on 02 pay as you go.
Anyway I used to be able to use msn on it no problem till about 2 weeks ago
I tried to access a different msn account from it and it didnt work
Now when I try to access the origional msn account I was using I can log in but when I try to refresh or send a meessage it wont do it, and after a few attempts it comes up with the message *sorry*
If I clear the cache memory and log in again I can open messenger again but still cant send a message or refresh the page.
thanks in advance if you can help


The 6300 can only accept java based (.jar) applications. Symbian based smartphone apps (.sis .sisx) will not work as the 6300 is not a smartphone.
You can find many applications for this phone by searching google. www.getjar.com is a popular site.
You can find yahoos mobile app here: http://mobile.yahoo.com/?refer=1GFXLX
There isn't an official version of MSN like there is for smartphones but you may be able to find an alternative.
There isn't a DVD player for the 6300, you need a smartphone if you want to watch movies in good quality.

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