6 minute movie taking 2gig of ram

Ok, I have finally finished my first ever movie using FC and Motion! It is 6 minutes and 40 seconds long. I exported it as a QuickTime movie and the file size is over 2 gigs. Two questions:
1. I want to produce DVD's of this little thing for people to view as prospective sponsors of the skater that the DVD is about. That being the case I want to make the best possible resolution DVD I can. I've received some advice about how to do this in an earlier question so I think I'm ok on that part. However, if I do a QT version of the project, which I thought was supposed to compress the material, can I still come back and create a nice high end DVD for the sponsors?
2. Why IS the QT movie file so large? I was hoping to email it to a friend but at 2+ gigs... Am I leaving out a step?
Thanks in advance


1. You can export your movie as many times as you want, each time with different export settings. The export settings will not change the video on your Final Cut timeline, they only affect the exported movie. So you would export once for your DVD and another time, with different settings, for your web video.
Exporting to QuickTime does not necessarily compress your video. If you select QuickTime conversion you will then be able to select among a number of Options (codecs, frame rates, compression settings, etc.) that should result in smaller file sizes. I'd suggest H.264 for videos you want to post on the web or send via email; the compression quality is really good and the file sizes are correspondingly smaller.
Here's a good, basic tutorial from Ken Stone on exporting for the web (or email) --> QuickTime Pro - QT Movies from FCP
2. Assuming you are using DV, this is about the right size if you exported to QuickTime Movie without changing any of the Options. DV takes ~13GB per hour of video.

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