4:3 imported as 16:9!

JES Deinterlacer 2.7.3
imovieHD 5.0.2
I scan 8mm films with WorkprinterXP through my Sony vx2100.
The resulting print needs to be slowed down 40% in iMovie
iM4 worked fine
iMHD doesn't
So, I use JES Deinterlacer to slow down the print
But now iMovieHD now will only import the JES files in widescreen!
The original files are imported correctly (albeit too fast)
The Apple forums mention that it's a bug in iMovieHD
Something about setting the 4:3 flag.
Is there a way to do this in JES so I don't have to degrade it by going through quicktime?


Detailed JES Deinterlacer instructions for Slow, Fast and Reversed motion are at:
Set JES Deinterlacer to output .dv stream. It should import OK to a 4:3 project.
iMovie HD letterboxes some imported .mov files so such files are best to first export as .dv via QT Player Pro with 4:3 flag set (or with 16:9 flag, if the user so desires).

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