1.4 - Important sites will not work & why are the AIM / Facebook contacts integrated with my phone contacts?

Two issues I am having with my phone.
1 - Before upgrading to the 1.4 software patch, I was able to visit some sites that I use regularly, one being www.hotschedules.com. I bartend and use my phone to look at my weekly schedule but now it will not work. Just to test it, I used a buddies phone who had not upgraded to 1.4 and the site opened JUST FINE!
2 - I want to use facebook and AIM on my phone but for some (stupid?) reason, ALL of my facebook and aim contacts get listed in the SAME LIST as my phone contacts. I do NOT want to scroll through hundreds of contacts to find someone. Yes I know there are shortcuts but why even do this in the first place?


Hello eculley and welcome to the forums;
I attempted the website you mentioned, and it loaded fine on on my Sprint Pre. We did identify some issues with websites on 1.4, and this should be resolved with 1.4.1. I know 1.4.1 is not available for Verizon yet, however it should be available soon.
As for Facebook contacts, they show in the Synergy contact list by design, so that you can see all of your contacts in one master list. If you do not want those contacts showing in your Contacts app, you can open Preferences & Accounts for contacts and remove any account you don't want to see contacts for.
Hope this helps!