0FI_GL_14 Doesnt load Document num 970000xx series

Dear All,
I have an issue regarding to the FI_GL_14 extract.
It doesnt load the Asset related douments which get posted via a program outside the standard Asset Module(not in a usual manner). The records appear in the FMGLFLEXA table in SE16, but when I do a INIT or Delta into BW it wont load the 97000xx series of documents.
Infopackage Load parameter are FISCAL YEAR
When I do a full load with Doc number selections 970000xxx-9799999xxx, it loads the data  correctly.
My question is is there any problem with the extractor or do I need to do some setting??
Any help would be higlhy appreciated.


Hi Suman,
Thanks for your reply!
I looked at the transformations and its all good.
The data doesn't come into BW PSA in the first place, so there is something wrong with the 0FI_GL_14 extractor on the R/3 side which fails to pick 97xxxxx series documents.